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Cooking with Natural Gas comes with many advantages. Not only does it offer instant heat and faster cooking, but also complete control to adjust temperatures quickly. So whether it's indoors in your kitchen or outdoors on your BBQ, it's easy to see why Natural Gas is the fuel of choice for professional chefs.

To claim your Cash Back, you need to have purchased and installed your new Natural Gas appliance and it must have replaced an electric appliance.

The checklist below details all of the items you’ll need to successfully complete and apply for your Natural Gas Cash Back.

Please check the list below to confirm that all of the following information and requested documentation has been included in your Natural Gas Cash Back application.

A copy of your purchase receipt
A copy of your Certificate of Compliance

The following information can be found on your Certificate of Compliance:

• Meter Number

This is a number found on your Certificate of Compliance, generally made up of two letters and six numbers. This can also be found on gas meter.

• Installer Business Name

This is the name of the company which installed your gas appliance.

• New Natural Gas Appliance Brand and Model

This is the name of your new appliance(e.g.Rinnai B26).
You should be able to locate this on your purchase receipt.

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