Aquamax 390 Gas Storage, external (G390SS) made By aquamax

The AquaMAX G390SS patented in-built mixing valve gives you 390 Litres first hour delivery with a five star energy rating and ten year cylinder warranty.  The mixing valve adds a controlled mix of cold water, giving up to 205 Litres of 60°C1 hot water delivery in the initial draw, with 185 Litres of recovery per hour after that. As an installation option, your plumber can also install twin temperature delivery so you can enjoy the convenience of 65°C hot water in the kitchen and laundry when you need it, while taking comfort in the knowledge that it is safer for kids with bathroom hot water taps at 50°C or lower.

Energy Star Rating: 5

Storage Capacity (L):  155L

Gas Consumption (MJ/per hour):  40MJ/hr

Dimensions (height/width/depth mm):  1625/520/610

Warranty (years):  10

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