Bosch Highflow 21e made By bosch

The Bosch Highflow 21e is a continuous flow, gas hot water unit which delivers a flow rate of 21L/min at a 25˚C rise. It is capable of utilising up to 4 optional temperature controllers and is available in both Natural and LP gas. It is compact, easy to install, and is suitable for 1-2 bathroom homes.

Energy Star Rating: 0

Flow Rate at 25C (L/Min):  21

Gas consumption (MJ/per hour):  170

Dimensions (height/width/depth mm):  520/350/170

Warranty (years):  3 - parts and labour, 10 - heat exchanger (part only)

˗5.53 energy efficiency star rating ˗Continuous flow technology                  
˗Compact Design                                        
˗Capable of utilising up to 4 optional temperature controllers                             
˗Suitable for 2-3 bathroom homes                   
˗50˚C temperature locked models available                                                           
˗Antifrost as standard                         
˗External installation only                   
˗Highflow models (YS1770RAH, YS2170RAH, YS2670RAH) are solar compatible without the need for a solar transfer valve 

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