Brivis StarPro 5 Star Series made By brivis

Brivis’ latest 5 Star non-condensing range of Ducted Gas Heaters delivers excellent efficiency while using less gas to heat your home, all without the need for drains or a tertiary heat exchanger. Brivis can now not only deliver a 5 Star rating without producing condensate, but can offer a cheaper way to get 5 Star efficiency without comprising on quality. A non-condensing Ducted Gas Heater makes the system easier and faster to install, making it a great option for a new installation or to replace your old heater - meaning lower installation costs. Brivis SP5 series is also ZonePlus™ and DualComfort™ compatible.

Energy Star Rating: 5

Gas consumption (MJ/per hour):  Ranges from 65-150

Output (KW):  Ranges from 14kW-35kW

Dimensions (height/width/depth mm):  1046/416/657

Zone heating capable (Yes/No):  Yes, ZonePlus ready


  • Non-condensing 5 Star Rating
  • High efficiency
  • Cheaper and easier to install
  • Brivis ICE™ compatible
  • ZonePlus™ compatible
  • Lay down kit (internal unit option)
  • Five year parts and labour warranty

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