3 Types of Natural Gas Heating

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Ducted / Whole of Home

Ducted heating systems are a fast and efficient way to heat your entire home. This system offers the option of flexible zoning, so you can control the temperature of individual rooms or areas simultaneously. It gives you control to set the temperature in any part of the house via remote from the comfort of your armchair. It's also unobtrusive, with no large radiators or heaters taking up space in your living areas. You can even add-on a cooling option upfront or at a later date in time for summer.

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Flued / Fixed

From Natural Gas flued heaters to gas log fires, there's nothing quite like a real flame to create a stylish centrepiece in your home. Enjoy the warm glow and heat of an open fire, but without the hassle, mess or greenhouse emissions that go with it. Some flued heaters also offer remote control zoning options giving you greater temperature control throughout your home.

Up to $200 cash back

Unflued / Portable

A Portable Natural Gas heater is a great quick-fix heating solution. It is easy to move from room to room and you can pack it away in summer when it’s not in use. You can also take it with you if you decide to move house.

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