Natural Gas is a safe choice

Natural Gas is one of the safest forms of energy to run your home. It's distinct odour makes it easy to detect if there's ever a leak. To help keep your family safe, it's important to be familiar with this smell.

To ensure safety, it always pays to keep maintenance up to date on each of your Natural Gas appliances and read and adhere to the instructions for use as provided by the manufacturer with the product.

Only ever use licenced plumbers and gas fitters to carry out work on your gas pipes and appliances - never undertake such work yourself. When complet, alwyas ask your Natural Gas Specialist for a Gas Certificate of Compliance for the relevant gas work or installation.

Top safety tips

Get your Natural Gas appliances serviced regularly

  • Burners in water heaters or space heaters can become blocked with dust or lint, clogging up the heat exchanger and flue passageways which could lead to overheating and burner problems.
  • Safety controls can wear out and fail if not regularly serviced.
  • Have your hot water heater, flued, portable or central heating system serviced by a licensed plumber or gas fitter regularly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Always follow the appliance manufacturer’s service plan and keep a record of the dates of service.

Keep clothing and paper clear of Natural Gas appliances

  • Items such as clothing or paper left on or close to the Natural Gas appliance could create a fire risk.

Take care with flammable products around the home

  • Do not fill your mower with petrol near a Natural Gas appliance or flue outlet.
  • Do not spray aerosols near operating Natural Gas appliances.
  • Avoid storing chemicals or pressure packs on or near a Natural Gas appliance.
  • Turn off any pilot burners before using tile adhesives or solvents near a Natural Gas appliance.

Operate gas appliances correctly

  • Use Natural Gas appliances only for their intended purpose and according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Never use a Natural Gas oven to heat a room or as a clothes dryer.
  • Turn your Natural Gas heater off when you leave the house or go to sleep.
  • Always supervise young children near any Natural Gas appliance.
  • Clean your Natural Gas oven, grill, hot plate and range hood regularly to prevent build-up of spilled fats and burnt food and reduce the risk of fire.

Be careful when working near your Natural Gas supply

  • Take care when using lawn mowers, brush cutters or digging in the garden so you don’t damage any gas pipes or metering equipment.
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