Natural gas log fire

Feels Like Home

Nothing beats a Natural Gas log fire. Not only do they look great, they offer you speed, ease and complete control. There’s no mess, fuss or wasted energy either, so it’s the natural choice when it comes to home heating.    

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Continuous hot shower

Hot Water On Tap

Imagine an endless supply of instant hot water, no matter how many showers and baths your family take. A continuous flow Natural Gas hot water system only heats water as you turn on the tap, so there’s no wasted energy or worry over cold showers. You can go even greener with a solar hot water system boosted with Natural Gas. Plus you can free up space inside your home with a range of neat, external units.  

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Natural Gas cooktop

Now You're Cooking

Whether it’s a light simmer, stir fry or bake-off, with Natural Gas, you’ll be cooking with the speed and precision of a professional chef. Host the perfect dinner party with a cooktop that heats and adjusts instantly for optimum control and convenience.  

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People enjoying outdoor Natural Gas fireplace

The Great Outdoors

Entertain outdoors all-year-round with an efficient Natural Gas outdoor heater. And you’ll enjoy your barbecues even more with a Natural Gas barbecue. They never run out so you’ll won’t need to dash down the road mid cook to refill your gas bottle ever again – unlike those pesky LPG bottles.  

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Can I get Natural Gas?

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