3 Types of Natural Gas Hot Water

Up to $500 cash back

Continuous Flow

With a continuous flow Natural Gas hot water system, you get instant and continuous hot water on-demand. And because water is only heated when you turn on the tap, there's no need for a storage tank. In its place is a slim-line unit that fits neatly on a wall outside your house and, of course, as the water is heated only as it's needed, it never runs out.

Up to $500 cash back


Natural Gas hot water storage systems are a great solution for bigger homes. That's because they can service the use of hot water in multiple bathrooms simultaneously. Compared to an electric system, the storage tank size is relatively small and so has the ability to heat water rapidly. You can even save money by switching off your hot water storage unit when you go on holidays.

Up to $500 cash back

Solar storage gas boosted

A solar storage system with an instantaneous Natural Gas booster heats water using the sun during the day and saves it in a tank. The instantaneous booster only kicks in on cloudy days if the water in the tank isn't hot enough. This system is more expensive to purchase and install than an instantaneous or storage system, but can offer savings on your energy bills and help reduce your carbon footprint.

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