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Natural Gas rebates & Cash Back offers

Ensure you have purchased and installed your Natural Gas appliance before you redeem your cash back.

Cash back offers

Cash back offers

Check out our cash back offers available on a wide range of natural gas appliances across heating, cooking and hot water.

$1,000 cash back

Ducted gas heaters

Ducted heating is the perfect whole home heating solution, moving warmed air evenly throughout your home. Zoning capabilities also allow you manage temperatures in selected rooms simultaneously.

$500 cash back

Hot water systems

A Natural Gas hot water system brings you instant and continuous hot water at the twist of a tap - meaning you'll never run out. The wide range of systems available means there’s a solution to suit every kind of home.

$150 cash back

Portable gas heaters

Because of its easy portability, this type of heating system is great as a single room heating solution. It is also cheaper to buy and there’s no need for the installation of a flue. Simply plug it into a bayonet and you're ready to get warm.

$150 cash back


Cooking with Natural Gas comes with many advantages. Not only does it offer instant heat and faster cooking, but also complete control to adjust temperatures quickly. It's easy to see why Natural Gas is the fuel of choice for professional chefs.

$150 cash back


With the option of either built-in or freestanding, Natural Gas BBQs offer flexible cooking that is easily and quickly controlled. Plus, you'll never run out of gas again.

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