Set up a new gas connection. How it works

The Jemena Gas Network is approximately 25,000 kilometres in length and distributes Natural Gas to 1.4 million homes in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast and Wollongong. It also covers over 20 country centres, including the Central West, Central Tablelands, South Western, Southern Tablelands, Riverina and Southern Highlands regions of New South Wales


As a gas distributor, Jemena brings Natural Gas to homes and businesses across much of NSW. Jemena also installs and maintains the gas meter attached to your home and reads the gas meter for billing purposes. The Jemena Gas Network is one of several gas distribution networks in NSW.

Visit the Jemena website to find out more.

Property owner

As the property owner, you are responsible for the service pipe. The service pipe starts from 225mm outside your property boundary and up to the gas meter, as well as from the outlet of the gas meter to the gas appliances in your property. We also recommend you maintain and service your gas appliances as per their instruction manuals and with a licensed repairer. Download our Connection guide to find out more

Gas appliance fitter

Your nominated gas fitter or plumber will install your gas appliances and complete the compliance certification associated. They can also assist you with the gas service pipe inside your home and complete any repairs in the event of a fault.

Gas retailer

Your gas retailer is responsible for managing your gas account and issuing your gas bill based on the meter readings we obtain from the gas meter. You can select your preferred gas retailer or Jemena can nominate a gas retailer on your behalf during the gas connection process.

Visit Energy Made Easy to find a retailer in your area

Natural Gas connection services

No matter if you are renovating or moving home, we can help see if you can connect your home or business to Natural Gas by doing a quick location check.

To confirm if gas can be easily connected to your home at no cost, or to understand if there might be a cost involved, please check your house number and street address via the Jemena 'Can I Get Gas?' Tool.