Renewable Gas Projects

Western Sydney Green Hydrogen Hub

This project will demonstrate the effectiveness of green hydrogen in helping to achieve NSW 2030 emission targets.

Green hydrogen will be produced from renewably sourced solar and wind power. After being blended with existing natural gas, the hydrogen will be used in homes and businesses in Western Sydney.

The green hydrogen produced at the hub will initially provide enough energy to meet the cooking, heating, and hot water requirements of around 250 homes. Excess hydrogen will be stored and used to generate electricity for the grid when needed.

Located in Horsley Park within the Western Sydney Parklands area, the hub is near a mix of industrial and residential areas, making it an ideal location for the project. The region is also experiencing economic development with the growth of the Parramatta CBD and construction of Western Sydney Airport.

The project is co-funded by Jemena and ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) and will start injecting green hydrogen into the gas network in late 2021.

The Jemena gas distribution network is the largest in NSW. It delivers gas to over 1.4m customers across Greater Sydney and regional areas via a network of over 25,000km of buried pipelines.

ARENA is the government agency responsible for supporting the transition to net zero emissions by accelerating innovation, to benefit Australian consumers and businesses.

Malabar Biomethane Plant

This project will demonstrate the potential of a waste-to-energy industry which can reduce carbon emissions while creating jobs and other circular economy benefits.

Biomethane will be produced from biowaste at the Sydney Water Wastewater Treatment Plant in Malabar. It is indistinguishable to regular natural gas and can be blended into the existing gas network, providing enough renewable energy to supply 16,000 homes.

The plant will not only contribute to the circular economy by turning waste into energy, but will also displace natural gas sourced from fossil fuels and give NSW households and businesses access to a cleaner energy mix.

The Malabar Biomethane Plant is a $14 million project developed by Jemena in partnership with Sydney Water and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

It is currently in its design phase with construction expected to be completed at the start of 2023.