Getting cabin fever? Clever, low-cost ways to revive a tired room

Let’s face it, we’ll be staring at the same walls inside our homes for a while. So if you’re a bit over the same old scenes, why not try adding a touch of style to your place.

Our home is suddenly where we’re spending the most time…but easy installs like a Natural Gas fireplace for winter or an outdoor gas kitchen can revive your space and help stop you climbing the walls! Plus, you’ll have a gorgeous new living area all ready to show off when social distancing is a thing of the past. And cash back offers on Natural Gas appliances can contribute to making it a low cost project to start, and a long-term investment that will reward your future cash flow.

Do a mini kitchen upgrade:
Small changes pay off in big ways. In the kitchen, something as straightforward as installing Natural Gas can have multiple benefits, from taking cooking to the next level (mmm, chargrilled steaks!) to offering reliability (even in a blackout, so you can cook, and use your heater and have hot showers). A new Natural Gas cooktop can quickly give your place a restaurant vibe and enhance something as simple as a virtual video family trivia night (because you’ll be snacking on homemade popcorn!).

Other popular choices for small changes with big impact? Try updating your old appliances for a more modern, stylish look. Consider installing floating shelves to replace clunky cupboards or switch from your boring lighting to beautiful, hanging pendant lights. Even throw on a new lick of paint or simply splash out on a new dining set. Done!

A small backyard overhaul:
Even in isolation, don’t let yourself get stuck inside all day! With lockdown in place, giving your outside areas a small-scale reno can have bigtime benefits for the whole family, and allow you to go on enjoying the great outdoors even into the colder months. The best way to maximise space and make you feel like you’re still socialising is to create or upgrade an outdoor area so you’re focusing on gathering people together.

Plan around a Natural Gas outdoor heater or BBQ as the centrepiece, and suddenly you’re outside every evening firing up the grill, enjoying winter nights like you’re at a ski resort (BYO goggles and ski suit for the full Aspen effect). Outdoor gas heaters give off gorgeous, continuous warmth and a plumbed in gas BBQ means no more runs to the servo to top up that pesky LPG bottle (extra useful to cut back on unnecessary trips out during isolation). Combine these additions with a family-friendly feature, like a raised area of deck, an easily-installed seating area, stone pathways or even a gazebo, and you’ll spend more time outside than inside this winter! run `gatsby clean` to display link

Little living room changes:
Staying warm in winter isn’t just good for your body, but good for your soul too. That could mean ducted heating for the house, portable heaters, or other heating solutions. But for a small change that will have a big impact, go for flued heating, like a Natural Gas fireplace (which will also add value to your home if you’re renovating). After all, winter is the season for snuggling, so get yourself a stylish spot to snuggle! An easy addition like a Natural Gas fireplace adds drama to any living space as they come in a variety of styles (think pebbles, coals or logs, or built into a wall) and sizes to suit your budget. Throughout winter, it will become the heart of your house, and create the perfect backdrop for a nightcap before bed, a cosy story with the kids under a blanket, or a relaxing place to read and dream against the flicker of light on a rainy, dark afternoon. Take the makeover up a notch with a new rug, artwork or small sculpture, and you’ll find yourself feeling like you’ve finally come home.