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Take control in the kitchen

Cooking with Natural Gas

Cooking with Natural Gas comes with many advantages. Not only does it offer instant heat and fast cooking, but also complete control to adjust temperatures quickly. So whether it's indoors in your kitchen or outdoors on your BBQ, it's easy to see why Natural Gas is the fuel of choice for professional chefs.

Benefits of Natural Gas

Cleaner and greener

Natural Gas burns cleaner than grid electricity, producing half the carbon dioxide as coal.

Instant, continuous, control

The reliability, warmth, and control of Natural Gas in your home is perfect for winter and means outdoor areas can stay warm all year round.

Never runs out

The benefits of Natural Gas are instant and continuous. Appliances provide heat at the flick of a switch or turn of a tap, but only when you need it. No preheating!

Investing in the future

Jemena is investing in Renewable Gas now to provide a new renewable energy solution for homes and businesses into the future.


Cooking with Natural Gas is perfect when precision and complete control of temperature is essential, such as searing, poaching, grilling, steaming, charring and infusing.


A Natural Gas BBQ means you'll never run out of gas again! You can even add Natural Gas heating to your outdoor entertaining areas so you can entertain outside all year.