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The right energy mix for your home

Natural Gas is the smart choice

Whether for your home or business, Natural Gas is the smart choice to help power your lifestyle.

Natural Gas is a more reliable, cost effective and energy efficient option than coal powered electricity or LPG, which makes it a great choice for powering many of your appliances.

Find out more about how Natural Gas appliances can transform your home or renovation.

Natural Gas can help reduce household costs and make your home more energy efficient

Incorporating Natural Gas in your overall energy mix can offer significant cost savings on your energy bills. As energy costs continue to put strain on many households, Natural Gas is well placed to be a more affordable option for powering your appliances in the foreseeable future.  Read about our current plan to keep the cost of using gas affordable for all – here

Plus, because in NSW the cost of Natural Gas per unit decreases as your consumption increases, the more gas appliances you install, the more cost efficient using gas becomes. For many homes and businesses, this is an important option to keep household costs down, especially during colder months.

Natural Gas is a lower carbon fuel compared to coal powered electricity, and can be used in conjunction with solar to reduce your footprint even further. These are just some of the benefits of Natural Gas

  • Emissions are less than half the carbon intensity of other fossil fuels

  • Made up of primarily methane, it has a higher energy content relative to other fuels

  • Gas networks around Australia have a clear transition path to a low carbon renewable future, targeting 100% renewable gas by 2050 - find out more here

Investing in our energy future

In NSW, we are working with industry peers and government agencies, investing millions of dollars in renewable gas research and development projects. We are striving towards modifying our network to transport zero carbon renewable gas in the near future. This is part of the industry’s Gas Vision 2050 plan, which will support Australia’s wider energy targets and its bid to move away from primarily coal fired electricity generation. Taking this approach will save customers in the long-term by avoiding billions of dollars in new infrastructure investment and not putting increased pressure on electricity networks at peak times. It will also mean customers can continue to choose Natural & Renewable Gas energy solutions to power their homes well into the future.

Fact:  Jemena also invests heavily in solar and other renewable energy projects. Read about them here.

Choosing energy efficient appliances

When you’re looking for new or replacement appliances, it’s important to make sure you select the most energy efficient options. Energy rating labels make it easy for you to compare similar appliance models. The greater the number of stars means the more efficient the appliance. Always look out for 5-star and 6-star rated Natural Gas appliances, or speak to your local gas specialist for advice.