A cleaner energy alternative

Natural Gas is an efficient, lower carbon option than electricity.

As well as being fast and energy efficient. See what $1 of gas gets you.

Natural gas is the smart choice

Natural Gas is the smart choice for powering your home. Because heat is generated quickly via a flame, you have control to turn on your appliances as you need them.

Reduce your carbon footprint with Natural Gas

Natural Gas is a lower carbon option compared to electricity, and can be used in conjunction with solar to reduce your footprint even further. Different fuels emit different amounts of carbon dioxide in relation to the energy they produce. Natural Gas is primarily methane, which has a higher energy content relative to other fuels.

How does the energy star rating work?

Attached to each appliance, energy rating labels make it easy for you to compare similar appliance models. The greater the number of stars means the more efficient the appliance.