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Switch to Natural Gas and save

Natural Gas gives you the instant heat, control and absolute precision that electricity can’t deliver. It’s a cleaner, more affordable source of energy for powering your home - and with green and renewable gas solutions on the way, there has never been a better time for homes and businesses to be connected to gas.

Feels like home

Nothing beats Natural Gas heating. Not only can it add style and comfort to your home, it offers instant heat, ease and complete control.

Ducted / Whole of Home

Ducted heating comprises a main unit that draws air from inside your home through a heater, and then pushes it back out again via a fan, moving the warmed air evenly throughout your home. Zoning capabilities also allow you to control, program and manage temperatures in selected areas of your home simultaneously.

Flued / Fixed

No matter which flued or fixed heating system you choose, you’re sure to find one that looks slick and stylish in your home. Not only do flued heaters add a touch of class, they also add value - perfect if you’re renovating. A Natural Gas fireplace makes for a great flued heating option. Available in pebbles, coals or logs or built into a wall in a range of styles and finishes, you’ll get all the sexiness of an open fire without the hassle of a chimney.

Unflued / Portable

Because of its easy portability, this type of heating system is great for renters. It is alsocheaper to buy and there’s no need for the installation of a flue. Moving this type of heater around the home is as simple as plugging it into a bayonet point when and where it’s needed.

Hot water on tap

Imagine an endless supply of instant hot water, no matter how many showers and baths your family take. A continuous flow Natural Gas hot water system only heats water as you turn on the tap, so there’s no wasted energy or worry over cold showers. You can go even greener with a solar hot water system boosted with Natural Gas. Plus you can free up space inside your home with a range of neat, external units.

Continuous Flow

With a continuous flow Natural Gas hot water system, you get instant and continuous hot water on-demand. No need for a storage tank and it never runs out.


Natural Gas hot water storage systems are a great solution for bigger homes. They can service multiple bathrooms simultaneously and heat water rapidly.

Solar storage gas boosted

A solar storage system with an instantaneous Natural Gas booster heats water using the sun during the day and saves it in a tank. The instantaneous booster only kicks in on cloudy days if the water in the tank isn’t hot enough. This system is more expensive to purchase and install than an instantaneous or storage system, but can offer savings on your energy bills and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Now you're cooking

Whether it’s a light simmer, stir fry or bake-off, with Natural Gas, you’ll be cooking with the speed and precision of a professional chef. Host the perfect dinner party with a cooktop that heats and adjusts instantly for optimum control and convenience.


Cooking with Natural Gas is perfect when precision and complete control of temperature is essential, such as searing, poaching, grilling, steaming, charring and infusing.


A Natural Gas BBQ means you'll never run out of gas again! You can even add Natural Gas heating to your outdoor entertaining areas so you can entertain outside all year.

The great outdoors

Entertain outdoors all-year-round with an efficient Natural Gas outdoor heater. And you’ll enjoy your BBQ'S even more with a Natural Gas BBQ. They never run out so you’ll won’t need to dash down the road mid cook to refill your gas bottle ever again – unlike those pesky LPG bottles.

Outdoor Heating

Outdoor Heating is a great way to extend your indoors outdoors, making your alfresco area an extension of your home. A gas fire pit or wall mounted gas heaters will mean that even the coldest winters will be no excuse to stay indoors.


With the option of either built-in or freestanding, Natural Gas BBQs offer flexible cooking that is easily and quickly controlled.

Pool / Spa Heating

Wouldn't you love to extend the use of your pool or spa to all year round? With a Natural Gas heating system, you can.