Why Natural Gas?

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Up to $1000 cash back


Fast, controllable heat throughout your home.

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Up to $500 cash back

Hot water

Continuous hot water for all the family.

Man controlling cooking temperature on natural gas coooktop
Up to $200 cash back


Instant control of your cooking temperatures.

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Up to $200 cash back


Extend your outdoor entertaining season.

When Renovating

Thinking of renovating? Whichever room you’re making over, Natural Gas can add that extra convenience, control and ambiance.

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Gas vs. Electricity

Natural Gas is the smarter, faster choice for powering your home. 

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Gas Safety in the Home

Natural Gas is one of the safest forms of energy.

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Gas Energy Efficiency

Natural Gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, as well as being fast and energy efficient. 

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Gas log fire in lounge

Gas Connection & Installation

Learn about the process, costs and timeframes involved in getting Natural Gas connected to your home. 

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Can I get Natural Gas?

Find out if Natural Gas is available in your street

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