Getting Started with Renewable Gas

Supplying Biomethane

Jemena is working with industry partners and gas network operators to allow other projects to supply renewable gas into our network.

If you have an existing supply of biomethane or are interested in developing a biomethane project, we would love to hear from you to discuss how we can work together. Please contact our renewable gas specialists at

Renewable Gas Certification

Jemena has partnered with government energy accreditor GreenPower and Energy Networks Australia to pilot a certification scheme that will offer gas customers certainty when purchasing renewable gas.

To help establish a voluntary market for renewable gas, GreenPower has helped to develop the Renewable Gas Certification Pilot. This pilot will initially focus on biomethane (upgraded biogas) and green hydrogen (made from renewable electricity), as these technologies are relatively mature. Find out more about GreenPower's Renewable Gas Certification Pilot