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Western Sydney Hydrogen Hub

One of our renewable gas pilot production facilities - the Western Sydney Hydrogen Hub - aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of renewable hydrogen in helping to take NSW a step closer to lower carbon emissions.

Hydrogen is produced by a 500kW on-site electrolyser, which is powered by the electricity network. Jemena purchases renewable electricity through its retailer’s GreenPower program, ensuring that the electricity used is offset against the purchased renewable electricity. Once injected into the existing gas network, and blended with natural gas (~ 2% blend), the hydrogen produced at the hub can be used by homes and businesses in the surrounding areas of western Sydney.

Excess hydrogen can be stored and used to generate electricity as back-up for the grid when needed. Hydrogen is supplied to the on-site fuel cell and micro-turbine that can produce renewable electricity for the grid. Hydrogen has also previously been supplied for use with hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles.

Located in Horsley Park within the Western Sydney Parklands area, the hub is near a mix of industrial and residential areas, making it an ideal location for the pilot facility. The region is experiencing rapid economic development with the growth of the Parramatta CBD, as well as construction of Western Sydney Airport and the new Bradfield CBD.

The hub is co-funded by Jemena and ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) and first started injecting renewable hydrogen into the gas network in 2021.

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