5 reasons to love Natural Gas in your home

Natural Gas is a versatile and effective way of warming your home, and whether you’re renovating your space or just looking for ways to warm up, it’s one of the best options out there.

We spoke to the gas experts at Jemena about why natural gas is such a good choice for all areas of the home.

1. Natural Gas is convenient

Natural Gas can have all the benefits of wood-burning heating without the hard work. Traditional wood fireplaces may look beautiful, but they can be unnecessarily expensive and tedious to use. You have to source, chop and store the wood, plus worry about constantly cleaning the soot from the fireplace and chimney. With Natural Gas, there’s none of the hassle.

This convenience doesn’t just stop at heating, with a click of a button, Natural Gas can provide warm water and a flame for cooking. Plus, with the natural gas rebate, it's more affordable than ever.

2. Natural Gas is adaptable

Natural Gas is exceptionally reliable and trustworthy. For example, with a Natural Gas continuous flow hot water system you never have to worry about running out of hot water. You can continue to enjoy those long, steaming showers without feeling guilty of using up all the hot water.

These systems are also known as instantaneous hot water systems, as the name suggests, they provide hot water on demand, as well as allowing you to adjust the temperature smoothly, without having to experience the shock of a freezing or boiling stream of water.

Image credit: Naomi Héberton on Unsplash

4. Natural Gas is effective

Cooking with Natural Gas is extremely effective. With an open flame stove top, you get heat instantly, and you can reduce it quickly too, if need be, which is great for cooking.

The visibility of cooking with Natural Gas is a definite bonus too, and it may trace back to our primal instincts because there is something comforting about cooking with an open flame.

5. Natural Gas is versatile

You can really explore and enjoy all aspects of a home with Natural Gas heating. An outdoor Natural Gas fireplace or fire pit is a great addition to your backyard, extending your living space during the winter, merging the indoors with the outdoors. Unlike a traditional fireplace or pit, a Natural Gas fireplace is completely smokeless and clean, giving your entertaining area a striking look.

Additionally, Natural Gas can be used to heat your pool or spa. A Natural Gas Pool heater allows you to have control over your water temperature, meaning you can enjoy it at any weather, at any time of the year! Bonus: Natural Gas also has the ability to warm a pool quickly, so you – or your guests – can enjoy a quick impromptu dip.

Can you get Natural Gas at your Place?

With all those benefits, you're probably asking yourself "Is there gas in my street?". NSW to WA, people are loving natural gas. Check to see if you have natural gas available in your area.