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Instant and continuous hot water

Natural Gas Hot Water

A Natural Gas hot water system brings you instant and continuous hot water at the twist of a tap. The wide range of systems available means there’s a solution to suit every kind of home, no matter how many bathrooms you have. Choose the system that is right for your home and you’ll have hot water for the whole family.

Benefits of Natural Gas

Cleaner and greener

Natural Gas burns cleaner than grid electricity, producing half the carbon dioxide as coal.

Instant, continuous, control

The reliability, warmth, and control of Natural Gas in your home is perfect for winter and means outdoor areas can stay warm all year round.

Never runs out

The benefits of Natural Gas are instant and continuous. Appliances provide heat at the flick of a switch or turn of a tap, but only when you need it. No preheating!

Investing in the future

Jemena is investing in Renewable Gas now to provide a new renewable energy solution for homes and businesses into the future.

Continuous Flow

With a continuous flow Natural Gas hot water system, you get instant and continuous hot water on-demand. No need for a storage tank and it never runs out.


Natural Gas hot water storage systems are a great solution for bigger homes. They can service multiple bathrooms simultaneously and heat water rapidly.

Solar storage gas boosted

A solar storage system with an instantaneous Natural Gas booster heats water using the sun during the day and saves it in a tank. The instantaneous booster only kicks in on cloudy days if the water in the tank isn’t hot enough. This system is more expensive to purchase and install than an instantaneous or storage system, but can offer savings on your energy bills and help reduce your carbon footprint.