A guide to using Natural Gas at home

There are a variety of uses for natural gas in the home - in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the living rooms and bedrooms. No wonder people are taking advantage of the natural gas rebate and googling things like "can I get natural gas at my address?"

Natural Gas in the kitchen

Natural Gas is a popular choice amongst chefs and home cooks, as it allows for total control of heat when cooking, as well as its instant heat and fast cooling when the element is turned off. The visible nature of a Natural Gas stove top allows it to be a safe option as well, and an easy way to determine heat level. Though it is hard to explain, there is something incredibly homely about cooking with an open flame.

Natural Gas in the bathroom

Using a Natural Gas heating system to heat your water is reliable and effective, making the bathroom another great room for Natural Gas. Running out of hot water is a thing of the past when you have a Natural Gas hot water system. You can continue to enjoy those long, steaming showers without having to worry about the next person. An instantaneous Natural Gas water system, as the name suggests, provides hot water on demand, as well as allowing you to adjust the temperature smoothly, without having to experience the shock of a freezing or boiling stream of water.

Natural Gas in the living area

The living area is where you probably spend most of your time at home, and a perfect room for Natural Gas.

Natural Gas log fires can have the benefits of wood-burning heating without the hard-work. Traditional wood fireplaces may look beautiful, but they can be unnecessarily expensive, tedious to use and difficult to regulate the heat. You have to source, chop and store the wood and you have to worry about constantly cleaning the soot from the fireplace and chimney. With Natural Gas fireplaces, there’s none of the hassle. Manufacturers are producing a range of modern designs, and you can even find units that fit into existing fireplaces. Style and convenience rolled into one!

If you decide you would prefer something more discrete than fireplace heating, ducted Natural Gas heating is another option that offers complete control and versatility for the consumer. Controlling the temperature in separate rooms rather than the whole house, allows you to save energy costs.

Additionally, it keeps the whole house happy, everyone can choose the right temperature according to which room they are in.

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Can You Get Natural Gas At Your Place?

Check to see if you have natural gas available in your area.

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