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Being resigned to isolate in the home isn’t all that bad: it simply means you have more time
to create extra opportunities to enjoy the space around you. One of the best ways to do this is with the use of natural gas.

Here are just a few ways that you can make life more comfortable, relieve stress, have fun, and add some variety to your day when you use natural gas in your home:

1.       Relieve stress: There really is nothing better than soaking in a hot bubble bath. Or, taking an extra-long nice and hot shower. That’s all possible with a gas hot water system – and it’s not as expensive to run as electric. Best of all, a natural gas system can serve multiple bathrooms at the same time, as well as heat water rapidly. Nobody in your family will miss out on getting a hot shower. Don’t you owe it to yourself for some pampering and relaxation?

2.       For entertainment purposes: Let’s face it – there really is nothing more luxe than having a crackling fireplace to keep you warm. But the mess of a wood-burning model is often off-putting. With a natural gas fireplace, you’ll experience the enjoyment of a hearth that is also highly efficient. Family board games by the gas fireplace, anyone?

3.       Cooking lessons with the kids: When precision and complete control of temperature are important while cooking, you can’t beat natural gas. Try getting your kids involved in the cooking process, and show them how it’s really done when it comes to searing, poaching, grilling and infusing.

How natural gas in the home can make life more enjoyable

All of these improvements can be enjoyed long-term when everything is back to normal and
we’re able to entertain with unlimited guests again. Then, you can show off your handiwork to your friends and make them green with envy! In fact, they may even want to make the switch to natural gas themselves. And who can blame them? There’s a myriad of ways you can use natural gas inside the home – and you can even extend your outdoor living with natural gas applications, such as pool heating, gas BBQ and outdoor gas heating.

I’m ready. How can I get natural gas at my address?

Getting started is simple. First, you’ll need to check to see whether you have gas available in
your area by looking up gas availability by postcode. After the location check, we’ll talk through your options when it comes to connection products, how we connect you, the costs associated, time frames and your rights and obligations. Finally, we’ll help you find a qualified gas appliance fitter who can install the right appliances for your home.

So, what are you waiting for? Make life at home more comfortable and contact Go
Natural Gas today on 1300 137 078 to get started.