Gas vs. Electric Cooktops – What’s Better for You | Go Natural Gas

Thinking of renovating your kitchen? Or building a brand new home? One of the most important decisions you’ll make will be whether to install a gas or electric cooktop in your kitchen. Some common thoughts revolve around the initial price, installation and whether it will be cost-effective to run in the future. So, which one reigns supreme?

In Australia, you generally have a choice of four options when it comes to your cooktops. These are: electric induction cooktops, gas flame burners, electric ceramic radiant cooktops, and electric coil cooktops. Today, we will be looking at the two most popular styles: gas and electric. Here, we will discuss the pros and cons for either choice, to help you make an
educated decision about the best type of stovetop for you.

Cooking with electric cooktops

Electric cooktops work by heating up electrical coils when the control knob is turned on. While this is the most common style in Australian homes, it is not necessarily the best option.


  • Cleaning up messes is easy

  • Best suited for a modern kitchen with its linear spaces

  • Cheaper to buy initially

  • Holds a steady heat well


  • Electric coils are slow to heat and cool off

  • Tends to cook food unevenly

  • Inability to use cast iron cookware on an electric cooktop (can damage the pots and pans due to high temperatures)

  • Electric coils don’t always glow and can lead to burned food if inadvertently left on

Cooking with natural gas cooktops

Natural gas cooktops are fueled by combustible gas using a pilot light. For those concerned about the environment, natural gas emits less greenhouse gasses and is incredibly energy efficient.


  • Instant heat

  • Extremely responsive to changes in temperature

  • Cost-effective to operate

  • Will work during a power outage

  • Cooks food more evenly

  • Can char-grill specific foods on the open flames (just like they do on TV)


  • Harder to clean than electric induction cooktop

  • Requires a gas supply

  • Can present potentially hazard problems if natural gas cooktop isn’t properly installed

Choosing the right cooktop for you

In addition to considering the advantages of gas and electric cooktops, you’ll also need to ask yourself a few more questions to help you reach the answer you need. These include:

  • Will the style of my cooktop suit the style of my kitchen?

  • Do I have a large family, or am I planning for a large family? This will determine whether
    six burners are better than four.

  • What is the warranty for the models I like?

If you’re ready to take the plunge and switch to natural gas, there’s never been a better time.

For more information, such as finding out if you can connect natural gas to your home or newly renovated home, contact Go Natural Gas on 1300 137 078 today.