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How to Connect Gas to Your Home

Want Natural Gas in your home? Here's all the information you'll need about connecting to Natural Gas in NSW.

How to Connect Gas to Your Home

So, you’re interested in connecting to Natural Gas and installing new appliances in your home. Great choice! But how exactly does the connection process work?

Below we answer some of the common questions people have about connecting to Natural Gas and our tips for ensuring a smooth transition.

Can I Get Natural Gas At My Address?

The first thing to do is to find out if Natural Gas is available in your area. Jemena is the largest gas distributor in New South Wales, delivering natural gas to 1.4 million homes and businesses. You can see if your home is within our network by checking your gas
availability by address here.

Connecting gas to your home is best done during the build process or when undertaking renovations. If there’s an existing pipeline in the street outside your property and a gas mains extension isn’t required, the connection process can be completed fairly quickly. If there isn’t an existing pipeline, we can still arrange a connection in many cases, but may request a cost contribution from you to complete the work.

Find a Gas Specialist

Once availability has been established, the next step is to find a local gas specialist to help you select and install the right appliances for your home. Gas connections can be arranged online by your gas specialist or preferred energy retailer and will be carried out by a Jemena work crew. In some instances, you’ll need to arrange a licenced gas fitter to install the gas meter in an approved position on your property before you can have your gas service pipe laid. You can find a list of local gas specialists and trade partners here.

Your nominated gas plumber will then install your internal pipework and gas appliances as well as complete the compliance certification. They can also assist you with completing any repairs in the event of a fault and servicing your appliances at regular intervals.

Your Service Pipe

As the property owner, you are responsible for the service pipe. The service pipe is connected to the gas mains in the street and starts from 225mm outside your property boundary. It connects to the gas meter and through the outlet of the meter to the gas appliances in your home. After connection, ensure all your gas appliances are well maintained and serviced as instructed by the manufacturer.

Your Gas Retailer

Your gas retailer is responsible for managing your gas account and issuing your gas bills based on consumption readings obtained from your gas meter. You can select your preferred gas retailer or Jemena can nominate a gas retailer on your behalf during the gas connection process. You can always change retailers down the track to ensure you’re getting the best energy deal.

Get Natural Gas in NSW Today

The Jemena Gas Network is one of several gas distribution networks in NSW. We are the sole distributor of Natural Gas in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast, Wollongong, and more than 20 regional centres. If you would like to connect your home to Natural Gas, you can visit gonaturalgas.com.au and enter your address to check if you can be connected.