How to have your comfiest ever winter (with some easy improvements)

Cold nights are coming, so you want to make sure cosiness is 100% guaranteed with some expert advice and having vital appliances (like the heating system!) totally sorted.

We’re looking at a long winter spent inside in isolation, so it’s more important than ever to make the experience as comfy as you can! These simple tips, cash-saving tricks and easy upgrade ideas for around the house will make sure you keep yourself and your family or flatmates cosy all through winter.

Make your money work harder this year! Take advantage of 2020’s limited-time offers and nab up to $800 cash back on Natural Gas appliances, which will also set you up for saving in the long run with greater energy-efficiency (plus, you’ll feel good about being kinder to the environment!). Natural Gas heating is a must-have in winter as it’s instant and continuous, and it doesn’t dry the air out either.

Our picks for appliances to give you that cosy experience this winter? These three:

1: A gas BBQ for alfresco dining all through the colder months

2: An outdoor gas heater for instant outside heat, so you can gather around for a wine and game of trivia after dinner.

3: For indoors, a Natural Gas fireplace is a good choice for the cash-conscious. While there’s the initial outlay, you save the labour of sourcing and carting around firewood, the long-term maintenance of a chimney, and all the messy hassle that comes with a traditional fireplace. Check out the Cannon Latitude, which has an 85% thermal efficiency rating, meaning it costs less to run than lower star rated models.

Don’t wait until winter hits before you do your checks on appliances at home, or you might find yourself left out in the cold! In the freezing months ahead you want reliable heat, so support local gas specialists and small business owners (another feel-good move) by checking out the closest service options to you right here.

Don’t have gas connected? You can find out more here about getting the hook up. They’re working throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and are happy to take on new connection requests. A lot of winter makeovers start with Natural Gas, so make sure an install is front of mind during any home renovation plans, whether small-scale or a massive overhaul.

There’s nothing like a little home improvement to make your surroundings more salubrious! If you crack out the hammer and sort those niggling home jobs you’ve always left on the backburner, you will generate a whole lot of warmth…and not just in your home, but in your heart too, when you look around and enjoy the glowing good feeling of a job well done. Plus, your place will be super impressive to show off when isolation is over.

Carrying out some small upgrades like repairing the worn patio and adding a new natural gas BBQ, or simply filling the small holes in the walls with spackfilla, cleaning out the garage or any other job you can do with one trip to Bunnings, will make your place more comfy and cosy, literally, but make you more comfortable emotionally too.