Winter is coming! Three reno ideas to make your indoor winter a WARM one

If you’re at the stage of dreaming about a reno or exploring ideas, these small choices are a good place to start to warm your heart and set you up to truly enjoy winter indoors.

Imagine enduring the coming winter without your gorgeous gas heating, perfect pumpkin soup and hot showers before bed….actually, don’t! The mere idea is enough to make you shiver. Don’t risk freezing all through winter! There’s still time to sort some small changes that will keep the chill from coming inside. Here are a few easy home reno ideas that you can get up and running before the cold winds really start to blow.

It can be easier to improve your enjoyment in lockdown life just by making sure the little luxuries are all sorted for winter. That means making sure you have instant hot water on tap at all times, and a good heating system. Maintenance matters! If you have creaky, unreliable hot water, and you want to make those ghastly mid-shower blasts of cold water a thing of the past, go for an instantaneous gas hot water system. Gas hot water gives you soul-warming hot showers before you snuggle into fresh PJs and head to bed, the chance to have a hot spa whenever you’re feeling the chill, or a daily soak in a beautiful bubble bath, even if the temperature is in the single digits.

What kind of warm winter is possible without a heating system? The best reno you could go for this year, with a whole lotta home time on the horizon, is a whole-house system you can control, and that you can use for hot and cold all year round. We like Natural Gas ducted heating, which allows you to set the temperature in different rooms (the bedroom for those chilly nights, or ease it off in the kitchen when you’re grilling up a storm!). And yes, they have those coveted cooling options for those hot summer months that will hit us next season when we want to kick back with an iced lemonade and chill watching Netflix. Check out ducted and hydronic heating systems and warm those cockles for now, but know you can cool them down when summer comes around (and we’re finally entertaining friends at our place again!).

In winter, it’s tempting to shut the door against the world and stay under your doona, never venturing past your front door unless you have to. But now we’ve been sheltering inside for so long, staying inside has us bored to tears! So this winter, make the most of your outdoor spaces with simple reno ideas that’ll see you actually use them. Think about connecting to Natural Gas so your BBQ never runs low, expand your outdoor area with instant gas heating, and take the chill out of the water so you can keep using your pool all year round! If you only use your pool a few weeks a year, now’s a good time to investigate natural gas pool heating (and other offers on heaters, BBQs and more), since the beaches and public pools are closed.