Relax with the warmth of energy-efficient heating

Natural Gas Heating

Natural Gas heating offers fast, controllable heat throughout your home and is effective even in the depths of winter, as it heats a room to a desired temperature and keeps it there, no matter how cold it gets outside. It also permeates a room more quickly and completely, so you don't have to huddle around a heater to get warm. And, it won’t dry the air out.

Benefits of Natural Gas

Cleaner and greener

Natural Gas burns cleaner than electricity, producing half the carbon dioxide as coal.

Instant, continuous, control

The reliability, warmth, and control of Natural Gas in your home is perfect for winter and means outdoor areas can stay warm all year round.

Never runs out

The benefits of Natural Gas are instant and continuous. Plus, gas is supplied to the home at around half the cost of electricity.

Easier to connect

42% of NSW homes are connected to Natural Gas and the number is growing.

Ducted / Whole of Home

Ducted heating comprises a main unit that draws air from inside your home through a heater, and then pushes it back out again via a fan, moving the warmed air evenly throughout your home. Zoning capabilities also allow you to control, program and manage temperatures in selected areas of your home simultaneously.

Flued / Fixed

No matter which flued or fixed heating system you choose, you’re sure to find one that looks slick and stylish in your home. Not only do flued heaters add a touch of class, they also add value - perfect if you’re renovating. A Natural Gas fireplace makes for a great flued heating option. Available in pebbles, coals or logs or built into a wall in a range of styles and finishes, you’ll get all the sexiness of an open fire without the hassle of a chimney.

Unflued / Portable

Because of its easy portability, this type of heating system is great for renters. It is alsocheaper to buy and there’s no need for the installation of a flue. Moving this type of heater around the home is as simple as plugging it into a bayonet point when and where it’s needed.