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Outdoor Entertaining

With Natural Gas, it’s easy to extend your outdoor entertaining season.

Benefits of Natural Gas

Cleaner and greener

Natural Gas burns cleaner than grid electricity, producing half the carbon dioxide as coal.

Instant, continuous, control

The reliability, warmth, and control of Natural Gas in your home is perfect for winter and means outdoor areas can stay warm all year round.

Never runs out

The benefits of Natural Gas are instant and continuous. Appliances provide heat at the flick of a switch or turn of a tap, but only when you need it. No preheating!

Investing in the future

Jemena is investing in Renewable Gas now to provide a new renewable energy solution for homes and businesses into the future.

Outdoor Heating

Outdoor Heating is a great way to extend your indoors outdoors, making your alfresco area an extension of your home. A gas fire pit or wall mounted gas heaters will mean that even the coldest winters will be no excuse to stay indoors.


With the option of either built-in or freestanding, Natural Gas BBQs offer flexible cooking that is easily and quickly controlled.

Pool / Spa Heating

Wouldn't you love to extend the use of your pool or spa to all year round? With a Natural Gas heating system, you can.