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Advantages of a Renewable Gas industry…

Australians love the warmth, convenience, and control of natural gas. Gas appliances are the preferred choice in many homes for heating, cooking and hot water.

By investing in renewable gas to support other renewable energy solutions, NSW can meet carbon emission targets faster and more efficiently. The technology can help to build a circular economy, creating jobs and other opportunities along the way. As renewable gas can be blended and stored in existing network pipelines, it will also help to reduce the need for investment in new energy infrastructure.

Reduce emissions to help meet NSW targets
Replacing natural gas with hydrogen and biomethane could displace 464 million kg of carbon from the atmosphere each year.

Increase the speed of renewable energy introduction
Transitioning to renewable gas using existing infrastructure means that NSW can quickly deliver renewable energy options to more homes and businesses.

Support and complement wind and solar energy
Green hydrogen and biomethane can both be stored in the existing gas network, much like energy storage in an underground battery. It can then be used for heat and power generation when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

Accelerate options for cleaner transport
Green hydrogen can be used by hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicles as a zero-emission alternative to petrol and diesel. Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles can travel further, with more power, than most battery electric vehicles.

Save money using existing infrastructure
NSW can decarbonise while utilising existing infrastructure rather than building new energy distribution systems. This will help governments save money or divert investment to other much needed projects.

Create jobs and training for NSW
A renewable gas industry will create employment and training opportunities in the energy sector and a range of other occupations, as well as helping to boost regional economies, industries and employment.