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Types of Renewable Gas

Green Hydrogen: 100% Renewable

Green hydrogen is made when excess renewable electricity (from wind and solar) is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen through a process called 'electrolysis'. This process doesn’t involve any carbon emissions. The green hydrogen is blended and stored within the existing natural gas network, ready for households and businesses to use.

Not only can green hydrogen be used in households and businesses, but it can also power fuel-cell cars, buses and heavy goods vehicles, with increased range, power and zero emissions.

Biomethane: Boosting the Circular Economy

Biomethane is an example of waste recovery and reuse in the circular economy. It is created by capturing biogas from decomposing agricultural, organic, and domestic waste, and removing the carbon dioxide. This displaces natural gas sourced from fossil fuels and prevents 'waste methane' from reaching the atmosphere. The waste methane that would have been released into the atmosphere can then be used for energy instead.

Both green hydrogen and biomethane can be stored in existing underground gas pipes by blending renewable gas with existing natural gas.